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iAGRI – A location-aware ESG-focused Risk Assessment Mode

At Kshema we have a proprietary framework that fundamentally and systematically includes location aware ESG issues in risk analysis and shape our value decisions. This allows us the benefit of drawing evidence-based results as opposed to heuristic decision making. The … Read More

Protecting the Food and Agriculture Ecosystem

Climate change is real, and the Food and Agriculture Ecosystem needs loss mitigation in the face of increasing incidence of high risk extreme climate events. Living through a cyclone or flood can be a nightmare, especially in the rural areas … Read More

Why does India need an evolved protection framework for cultivators?

As a predominantly agrarian economy where the sector employs 47% of the workforce, India relies on the cultivator for its food security. While there are many measures at a federal level that protect the interests of the cultivators, there is … Read More