Building Financial Resilience in the Agricultural Community

Kshema is a fully digital insurance provider building financial resilience among farmers from income shocks due to extreme climate events and other perils.

Received IRDAI license in 2023
Protecting 3,000,000+
farms across India
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Kshema uses cutting-edge AI-based algorithms, machine learning, big data and location awareness to assess, model, and price insurance risks adequately.

This is done through Kshema’s proprietary platform Kshema – developed in-house and continuously upgraded – to sell its products – Sukriti, Prakriti and address pre-harvest risk at a farm level.

A Kshema product


A comprehensive insurance policy against 9 perils providing maximum coverage based on input cost of the crop.

Offers protection from

Cyclone, inundation, flood, hailstorm, landslide, earthquake, fire due to lightning, animal attack, damage due to aircraft.


seasonal crops covered

A Kshema product


Our customised solution which allows a farmer to protect their crops by choosing a combination of 2 natural perils – one major and one minor – from a predetermined list.

Offers protection from

A combination of 1 major peril and
1 minor peril from a list of 9 perils


seasonal crops covered


Available at only ₹499 per acre

* Minimum premium for Kshema Sukirti and Prakriti is ₹499 per policy.


Create and enable a progressive approach of strategic resilience towards risk in contrast to conventional defensive risk management practices.


Enable resilience among cultivators across the country, from income shocks due to extreme climate events and other vagaries, with insurance.

Amalgamating industry expertise with a zeal to bring in change

Behind every milestone lies a dedicated team and visionary leadership – get to know ours.

Customers first

Respecting our customers and caring for them is at the core of everything we do. It defines our work every day.


We are relentless in our endeavour to not only connect customers but make it simpler for them to access the best crop insurance solutions on their fingertips.

Succeeding as a team

United by our purpose, we live by a collective commitment to honesty, integrity and innovation. We believe in being open and inclusive, accepting and applying the best ideas from every part of our company.

Delivering promises

We are committed to delivering our promise of building financial resilience from natural perils among farmers by making crop insurance accessible and the settlement of claims quicker.


Integrity is the North Star that dictates the path we take. We are honest, transparent, ethical, and fair in our dealings with customers, employees, and stakeholders alike.

We are working towards protecting the farmer from income shocks by providing the safety net of affordable crop insurance.