At Kshema we have a proprietary framework that fundamentally and systematically includes location aware ESG issues in risk analysis and shape our value decisions. This allows us the benefit of drawing evidence-based results as opposed to heuristic decision making.

The framework allows us additional lens to assess risk evaluation over and above traditional fundamental methods.

More importantly it is a unique approach that harnesses proprietary tools with the objective of increasing confidence, extending protection to more stakeholders by extending the analytical scope beyond traditional risk analysis and helps over the medium to long term.

iAGRI is our proprietary location aware ESG tool that allows us to profile risk across all the grids encompassing every micro climatic zone in the country effectively covering our entire potential customer base.

It was built through collaboration of multiple Kshema partners who are individual and institutional subject matter experts from across the globe.

An integrated approach enables the efficient risk profiling by ensuring material ESG risk and opportunities are adequately priced into insurance decisions.

When these risks are properly priced into the premiums – that is our opportunity to build long term sustainability for our investors and customers.

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