Kshema Impact

Kshema places equal emphasis on social impact, environmental impact and commercial viability.

Kshema’s impact is visible across segments.

Resilience for Cultivators

Our products offer cultivators a financial cushion from income shocks caused by extreme climate events. Our current goal is to offer this to 10 million cultivators in 5 years.

Rural Entrepreneurship

Kshema offers educated rural populace multiple entrepreneurial opportunities to support our customers and gain additional sources of incomes. 250,000 people will earn an additional INR 25 Billion over the next 5 years.

Women Empowerment

30% of our rural entrepreneurs, mostly PoSPs, who counsel and onboard farmers, will be educated women. Kshema will provide employment and incomes in the region of INR 8 Billion for rural women alone in the next years.

Combating Climate Change

Kshema will incentivise adaptation of sustainable cultivation practices among its customers through premium discounts to encourage the battle against climate change. Our goal is to contribute 270,000 tonnes of CO2 sequestration by the year 2025.