As a predominantly agrarian economy where the sector employs 47% of the workforce, India relies on the cultivator for its food security. While there are many measures at a federal level that protect the interests of the cultivators, there is a lack of a protection framework that encourages innovation among the Indian cultivators.

Here are a few numbers that show us why India needs a more evolbved insurance framework for the Cultivators, and consequently the Agriculture and Food Systems sector.

$21 Million: The number of farmers who would enhance their resilience and better their lives with better Insurance products designed specifically for them considering multiple factors that change by location, crop and most importantly the micro0cliatic zone the cultivation comes under.

10 Million tons: This is the amount emission reductions that can be achieved through climate change actions in partnership with farmers over the next 5 years by incentivising more sustainable cultivation practices.

US$9 Billion: Worth of loss and damage that can potentially be avoided through inputs that combine the use of cutting-edge technologies such as Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Remote sensing and Blockchain for the insurance industry.

Kshema aspires to address the insurance needs of the cultivators.

Our cutting edge technology platforms, proprietary risk assessment algorithms and subject matter experts from across the globe are taking us closer to that dream every day.

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