Protecting the Food and Agriculture Ecosystem

Climate change is real, and the Food and Agriculture Ecosystem needs loss mitigation in the face of increasing incidence of high risk extreme climate events. Living through a cyclone or flood can be a nightmare, especially in the rural areas of our country where connectivity and facilities are sparse. On one hand providing relief measures to the victims is an area of concern while on the other hand, assessing the exact magnitude of losses so that these farmers can be compensated for their losses in the quickest way is another grave concern. Kshema is developing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based software that can assess the exact extent of damage caused to crops – both as a forecast method and post event scenario. The system is location aware and captures micro-climatic zone factors into its algorithm. This is the first step towards our aspiration to create customized insurance products for cultivators and other allied participants in the Agriculture and Food Systems sector leading to better food security in agrarian economies starting with India and expanding globally

Kshema is an insurance company with a cutting-edge technology platform. The platform is location-aware, precludes sensitivity to microclimatic zones data across the country, and offers tailor-made insurance products to farmers and Other participants in the Indian F&A sector.



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